A couple of functions for the supertree method MRP, Matrix Representation (for? with?) Parsimony

See also p4.alignment.Alignment.mrpSlice()

mrp(trees, taxNames=None)[source]

Code a list of trees with matrix representation.

The input should be a list of p4 Tree objects.

The argument ‘taxNames’ need not be supplied, but you can if you want to.

This returns an alignment, with a character set for each input tree.

For example, you might say:

a = mrp(var.trees)

Reconstruct trees from a matrix representation.

This needs character sets, one for each tree.

You might say:

read('a.nex')          # read the matrix representation in
a = var.alignments[0]  # give the alignment a name
a.setNexusSets()       # apply var.nexusSets to the alignment
tt = reverseMrp(a)     # the function returns a list of tree objects
for t in tt: